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Testing Criteria

VERDEX® has achieved an FIIC of 60+*

*Testing done in accordance with ASTME-1007 "Standard test method for measurement of Tapping Machine Impact Sound Transmission through floor/ceiling assemblies and associated structures".

Please note: The only way to secure an accurate FIIC ratings certification for your project is to conduct an on-site test. Field tests are project specific; comparing different field tests is not an accurate way to make a proper assessment of product performance. The table below demonstrates the wide range of numbers that have been achieved in different concrete slabs that are the same thickness.

Concrete Slab Thickness
No Sound Rated Ceiling
Sound Rated Suspended Ceiling*
In Lab IIC
In Field IIC
26 to 30
24 to 32
28 to 32
25 to 35
45 to 52
33 to 48

*Suspended sound rated ceiling composed of 7" plenum, 3" of installation, resilient channels, 5/8" Type X gypsum wallboard panels.


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