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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What type of adhesive is V-BOND®?

  • V-BOND® is a polymeric resin, high solids wet-lay adhesive.

2) What flooring types can be used with V-BOND®?

  • Multi-ply engineered plank, plain-back parquet, acrylic impregnated wood and 3/4" solid shorts. *

*All subject to wood flooring manufacturer's final approval

3) What types of subfloors are recommended for use with V-BOND®?

  • The recommended subfloors for V-BOND® are underlayment grade plywood, concrete (above or on grade in the absence of moisture), underlayment grade OSB, APA standard underlayment particle board and lightweight concrete

4) What are the trowel sizes for V-BOND®?

  • VERDEX® to the subfloor: 3/32" wide x 3/32" deep on 3/32" centers Square notch trowel
  • Engineered wood to VERDEX®: See spread rate sheet

5) What are the spread rates for V-BOND®?

  •  VERDEX® to the subfloor: Approximately 100 Sq. Feet per gallon.
  •  Engineered wood to VERDEX®: Approximately 60 Sq. feet per gallon

6) What type of moisture test is recommended for V-BOND®?

  • The Calcium Chloride Test

7) What are the acceptable moisture levels for concrete subfloors based on the Calcium Chloride test?

  • The maximum level for moisture emission when installing wood flooring is 3 pounds per 1,000 square feet over 24 hours.

8) What is the acceptable amount of variation in the subfloor for V-BOND®?

  • All subfloors should be flat to within 3/16" in 10 feet or 1/8" in 6 feet

9) What type of leveling compound is recommended?

  • We recommend a portland-based cement leveling compound

10) Is rolling of the floor necessary?

  • VERDEX®: Rolling is not necessary, however, lay VERDEX® underlayment into the adhesive and hand smooth to ensure full contact with the adhesive.
  • Finished floor: Roll the floor with a 100 lb. roller every two to three hours during and immediately after installation.

11) How do you clean up V-BOND®?

  • Wet V-BOND® can be cleaned up with a damp cloth. Dry V-BOND® can be removed with mineral spirits or a safe solvent.

12) Jobsite areas need to be ventilated during the job. How long should you ventilate the area after installation under normal live-in conditions?

  • Jobsite must be ventilated for 24 hours after the job

13) What is the required temperature to install V-BOND®?

  • Between 55o F and 95o F

14) How soon after using V-BOND® can you walk on the applied surface?

  • VERDEX® : Immediately
  • Finished Floor : Open to light traffic after 8 hours. Restrict heavy traffic and furniture placement for 24 hours after installation.

15) What is the set time of V-BOND®?

  • Six hours

16) How long does it take V-BOND® to reach its Ultimate bond strength?

  • Three to five days depending on job site environment conditions

17) What is the shelf life of V-BOND®?

  • One year from the date of manufacture.

18) Is V-BOND® environmentally friendly?

  • V-BOND® is considered a "Green" product as there are zero VOC's and it is solvent free. V-Bond also qualifies for 1 LEEDS point, per the USGBC requirements and SCAQMD Rule #1168.

19) What is the open/working time of V-BOND®?

  • Approximately 30 minutes. The adhesive working time is affected by humidity, temperature and airflow.

DISCLAIMER: These questions and answers are for general reference only. Please refer to theV-BOND® adhesive label for further guidelines. It is the responsibility of the installer to determine acceptability of subfloor conditions and install flooring in accordance with the flooring manufacturer's installation instructions and product specifications..


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